Welcome, Ladybug!

IMG_1997I realized that as Bonnie and I were trying to get “back in the groove,” that we missed welcoming my little Ladybug!  Here she is in her going home-from-the-hospital outfit – isn’t she the sweetest???  We are all so in love with her!  She brings us such joy that we don’t know how we ever survived without her.  It seems like we were all holding our breath while awaiting her arrival.  We stressed and worried like crazy, and endured a great deal, but our Ladybug is SO worth it!

Life with a newborn is wonderful – it has less than adequate sleep, but the most precious of moments.  Much of me wishes to stay in these moments for forever.  But life goes on (as does school!)  We are trying to get back to school, but it is hard to fit it all in and much gets left undone.  So my plan has changed yet again to focus on the basics and focus on the rest later.  After adding a little at a time, we’re now consistently doing math, history, and language arts (writing, grammar, spelling, handwriting, reading) – that actually seems like a lot now that I’m writing it out!  Of course here’s the list that we’re not getting to (my head hangs in shame!):  science, Latin, Spanish (we haven’t done a single lesson, oh my!), Bible, and geography.  (For more about this year’s curriculum, click here.)

My basic plan is do science and Latin (and maybe a little extra Bible study) this summer as make-up for this year, then start fresh in August with a brand new school year.  We’ll then pick up where we left off in our Bible series and begin family Spanish.  I guess this goes to show that the best of intentions don’t always get the job done.  But I’m actually completely OK with it!

IMG_2194Well, here’s our Ladybug now, and all the change and “mom-fails” are totally worth it!  I am loving the fact that I can nurse my little one while doing school with the big kids on the couch.  We may not be doing all the extras right now, or be a perfect homeschool, but we are enjoying the moments of right here, right now – and that is priceless!

Happy Homeschooling!

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P.S.  Stay tuned for some upcoming blogs on SUMMER!

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