About Olive Grove Educators


Olive Grove Educators began with two homeschooling families, the Morrisons and the Parkers.  Our mutual desire is to provide our children the absolute best education, and to encourage them to live life abundantly in the Lord.  We both follow The Well-Trained Mind (WTM), by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer, approach to classical education, and strive “to do all as unto the Lord” in our pursuit of education.  The curriculum calls parents to ‘hang pegs’ on which to later build upon, but practically didn’t seem to provide materials to do this.  We struggled with how to follow the WTM memory recommendations because there wasn’t a comprehensive memory work program.  Thus, our journey began.

Our two families decided to combine talents and resources to create products that would compliment Story of the World (SOTW), by Susan Wise Bauer (the WTM recommended history curriculum), complete with memory work. We have developed classical history cards (featuring memory sentences) and accompanying songs to assist in memorization. Visit Our Shop to learn more about our products and get this resource to help in your homeschool.

Psalm 128:3 focuses our attention on our children as “olive plants around our table.” Olive Grove Educators became our name to represent our dedication to both the Word and our children. We pray that these curriculum resources will be an enormous benefit not only to our children, but to yours as well.