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I am an active duty Army wife and mom to four precious children.  But above all, my heart’s desire is to know my Lord and Savior more deeply.  I want ALL of me to be pleasing to Him – from my marriage and parenting, to friendships and ministry, to housework and homeschooling.  It seems like no matter what is going on in my world, God is working on my heart, to refine and grow me.  And He always puts me in places where I NEED to seek His face.

Morrison Family Fall 2013I married my high school sweetheart thirteen years ago, only a week after graduating from college.  Three months later, the two of us were shipped off to Army basic training.  During my three years as an active duty Soldier, I had our first daughter:  the Princess, who is now eleven.  I was able to finish my contract as I struggled to figure out how to be a Soldier and a Mom at the same time.  Soon after my exit from the Army, my husband, “Boss,” got orders to a division where we knew he would deploy.  Thankfully, we celebrated the birth of our son, Superman – now eight, before he deployed to Afghanistan.  About 2 years after Boss’ return from deployment, we welcomed our second daughter, Peanut – now four, into the world.  After another PCS (permanent change of station) and a year long hardship tour overseas, our family began a journey that would forever change who we are.  In 2013, our daughter was stillborn during the second trimester.  Nothing prepared me for the grief that would ensue, and years later I am just now becoming “normal” yet again.  Our youngest daughter, Ladybug (one), has helped me heal in many ways.  Long ago, I began calling these precious children my joy-givers because even on the darkest of days, they are pure joy from the Lord.  He uses them to give me hope in the most profound of ways.

We decided to homeschool our children for many reasons, but mainly because we want to provide the best education possible in this military lifestyle and to protect our children’s hearts and minds.  We want them to do THEIR best and to “do all as unto the Lord.”  It is a privilege and joy to be with them every day, guiding and teaching them about what it means to live for the Lord.

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