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Olive Grove Educators’ History Cards and Songs are intended to provide memory work that coordinate with Story of the World history text, creating a complete classical history curriculum.

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The front of the card contains artwork and a title for the card.  This gives the child both an audible title and visual picture with which to associate the memory sentence.  The child is to then respond by telling you the memory sentence that is on the back.  The back of the card contains an original memory sentence, focusing on the main points of the historical event.  Also on the back of the card is a short summary of the historical story and a map.

Cards for Volume 1, Ancient Times are available NOW.

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Every History Song captures a memory sentence from a History Card and its coordinating chapter in Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise.  The History Songs are both practical for memorization and engaging to a child’s ear.  Parents can add the songs to their iPod or computer for convenience and have them available for practice even when away from home.  Children will enjoy listening to the songs while coloring a page from the Story of the World Activity Book or even while playing quietly.  Children love music and will learn the History Songs quickly and easily!  Consistent practice will help the child to memorize the memory sentence, thus establishing the history peg in the child’s mind.

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