We’ve Moved!

Olive Grove -5Perhaps you’ve been wondering where we’ve been!  We’ve actually been hard at work, not just taking a vacation and enjoying summer.  For Bonnie and I, summer is the busiest time of year in terms of Olive Grove Educators.  While we work year round, we are able to focus more in summer, while allowing other responsibilities (like homeschooling and routine) to take a back seat.  This summer, in addition to finishing our History Cards, we also decided to merge our two sites:  Olive Grove Educators (OGE) and MomsTeachingOlives (MTO).  This was a tough decision, but in the end we knew that it is for the best.  Due to personal circumstances, neither of us have been able to give the blog what we truly want to give, particularly over the last several months.  So we moved MTO to our OGE site.  Our old content is still there to be used as a resource.  We plan to build upon our past blogs as well, but with more of a focus on classical education – and more specifically, history.  We also hope to build helpful content that is related to our products.  Our main reasons for this change are two-fold:  to finish the product that we set out to create, and (most importantly) to be present in our families without guilt of “all that needs done.”

Our hope and prayer is that you will hang with us while we figure out this transition.  And in the meantime, check out our shop!  We have added the first half of volume 4 and will soon have the second half up for sale.  Volume two will be close behind as well!  Until next time….Happy Homeschooling!

Bethany & Bonnie